Well, that was the real birthday as well

Birthday presentsLast Sunday we cheated and celebrated my Birthday one day ahead of time. However, yesterday was the real thing with present opening and all that. Not that I am making that much fuss about my birthdays any more. That’s more for the kids. Anyway, I got some really nice presents. Bodil had discovered a fairly newly opened art gallery where she found a quite cool painting which she got for me. It is actually painted with a mixture of oil paint and tar! (No it does not smell of tar!)

Birthday lunch with my CERN colleaguesYesterday was a working day of course so after opening the presents it was off to work for me. I could have taken the day off but I have already booked quite a lot of my available holiday days for the summer holidays and the kids were going to school anyway so there was little point. Also me and my colleagues went for a nice Lunch at a small Auberge in the Geneva wine district so I got a second birthday lunch as well.

Then, as is the tradition in our house, the birthday “child” gets to choose what to eat for dinner so when I came home after work it was time for some classical Wiener schnitzel and of course some cake. Thus I have been doing little more than eat for two days now…burp!

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