End of school festivities and the weather forecast off again. This time it was not so good.

End of year school festivities despite the lousy weatherLast time the weather forecast was off we got a great Saturday in the garden. This time we did not get that lucky. Okay, the forecast was not so much off. It said light rain and we got heavy rain really pouring down. Nothing light about it. Unfortunately it made quite a bit of difference since today was the end of school festivities for our two youngest kids who still go to the local school in Crozet.

Well, the festivities was held despite the weather. Normally it is really hot on this day of the year. Some years we have almost been suffering from the heat when the kids have been running around doing their games. This year we were freezing. I had to change shoes between the kids performing their songs in the morning and the games in the afternoon because they got totally soaked even though the singing took place inside a tent. If another of those green hippies starts to harp about global warming in my vicinity I do not know what I will do but it will not be pleasant.

Anyway, the kids enjoyed it even though we did not stay as long as we used to do. Not only was the weather not really encouraging it but Bodil and JJ needed to go shopping for some clothes. JJ’s school are making a kind of graduation ball (it is JJ’s last year in his current school) and, much to my liking, they are encouraging a proper dress code. So we need to make sure that he have proper clothing for the occasion.

A selection of photos from the Crozet festivities have been uploaded to my Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive as usual.

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