Holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

Our "rose tree"Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids. As it happens it also was my last working day for a while. I’m taking a week of holiday starting today. It looks like my holiday will get at least a good start this time. The forecast for the weekend is sunshine and 26-27 degrees. Actually the forecast is sunny all week but usually the forecast for anything but the next couple of days are unreliable to say the least.

We will be staying at home though. Sure, we will be making some excursions in the region of course but we will take our real summer holiday later in the summer when the prices for flight tickets  go back down to something more normal. Right now they knock on 2-3000 Euros (even more for some flights) for a family of 5 even just going somewhere inside or Europe.

The photo decorating this post does not really have anything to do with holidays as such but our “rose-tree” have begun to blossom so I took a few quick photos with my compact yesterday when I came home from work and thought it was as good a decoration as any.

By the way, I’ have updated my 2013 Selection photo album on SkyDrive with a selection of the photos I have taken the last couple of months. As usual most of the photos have been published in one form or another on this site already but here they are gathered in one place.

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