On second thought, maybe I’ll go back to work. . .

Painting the second floor windowsIt is only the first day of my holiday and I am already tired. The weather is excellent with sun and around 26-27 degrees in the shade. Perfect as far as I am concerned.

In the morning we went down to the butcher in St Genis to get some meat. Originally we had planned on something more exotic for the weekend like ostrich or bison which they usually have at Migros in Val Thoiry, where my dear wife made the Friday shopping last week, but this time they had nothing and the Migro’s beef is like chewing on a saddle. So she did not get anything there but instead we went to the butcher and ended up with some nice lamb chops that I will transform into a nice cancerogenous state, at least according to some tiresome alarmists, on the barbeque this evening.

During our little shopping we met the daughter of the owner of what used to be our favourite dead cow restaurant in St Genis and had a nice little chat in the middle of the street as one does here in France when one meet acquaintances. Being in a hurry is not an excuse for not chatting away half an hour or so. Anyway, they apparently have finally sold the place since they could not keep it running after the father died suddenly. I hope someone turns it into a good restaurant. The old one is sorely missed by us. It does not inspire hope though that they apparently sold it a year ago, including the licence to serve booze, but still nothing have happened with the place.

Well, we got our lamb chops and some baguette although we had to go back for the latter since we almost forgot it, and the bloody bakery is next doors to the butchers as well. Grrmpf.

Okay, so way the title of this post then? Well after lunch, for which I made some fried Calamari with Dijon cream that turned out to be quite excellent by the way, I dived straight into mowing the lawn. After all the rain the nice weather of course have its drawbacks, like the lawn growing like crazy. After that it was time to start painting the second floor windows which was long overdue.

Sleepy 2So I have basically been on my feet since this morning and I am more tired than after a working day. I am not used to this much physical activity on a single day. Yeah, yeah, I hear you. It is good for me and I need the exercise bla bla etc etc. Well <censored>, I am still tired.

Anyway, now I am going to go and plop the lamb chops in some marinade. I have some white wine left from the Dijon cream I made for the Calamaris so I probably do some classical olive oil, white wine and some fresh herbs. My dear wife bought ingredients for a Ratatouille so that is what will be accompanying the chops.

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