Trip to Musée militaire vaudois at Le Château de Morges

- We were thinking about seeing if one of the kids would fit into that thingToday we made a trip to Musée militaire vaudois at Le Château de Morges in Switzerland. This is one of the places where we planned to go to during our 2012 summer holiday excursions but we failed to do. Actually that was the single day during that holiday that was a total failure…almost.

Our excursion today was more successful. Of course we had learned the lesson from the last time and did not try to go there on a market day so this time we had no problem getting a parking space.

The museum was very nice. One have to admit one thing about the Swiss, their museums and national exhibitions are generally quite well managed. Having said that they charge enough in entrance fees that you would really not accept anything less. The fact that this was a military museum was of course a hit with Jonathan, and myself for that matter. The reason we decided to make another try was that they had a temporary exhibition this summer with “spy stuff”. You known, exploding cigarettes, microphones in dog turds etc. No I kid you not! It was the real stuff over the ages from a genuine World War II Enigma machine to previously mentioned items.

The rest of the museum was a permanent exhibition of military and police force items. All of it was quite nice but the most interesting part, at least as far as me and Jonathan are concerned, were the old basement where old artillery pieces was on display.

Summer holiday excursion to Morges - Lunch down by the lake, Cassandra is grumpy as usualAfter having finished watching spying dog turds and various items for blowing up people we felt it was time for a nice lunch. Yes we are strange people :-). So we went downtown along the lakeside and found a really nice restaurant with a terrace.

The food was very nice. I had an excellent Filets de perches meunière. Normally Bodil would have gone for fish as well but her doctor have ordered a menu of red meat at least three times as week for her iron deficiency (That is my kind of doctor! I think it is a she, I have not seen here but that diet makes me have a crush on her anyway :cool:) so she went for a Filet de bœuf poêlé aux morilles fraîches. JJ went for the dead cow diet as well of course. No surprise there.

Of course I brought my big one…camera that is…and snapped a few photos during the day of which I uploaded a selection to the new 2013 Summer Holiday album.

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