Another holiday trip, this time to Vallorbe and Musée du Fer et du Chemin de Fer and Grottes de Vallorbe

Musée du Fer et du Chemin de Fer in VallorbeToday we made another holiday excursion. Even though we have been living in the region for almost 20 years there is still plenty of places left to visit. Okay, before we had kids we did perhaps not hunt around so much for museums and such places but still, it is surprising how much you can find within a days worth of driving from our place.

This time the trip went to Vallorbe which is about an hours drive from here depending on how many Geneva drivers you have to fight with on the Swiss highway. I am convinced that those guys get their drivers licences out of a bubble gum machine or something.

Anyway, first we made a visit to Musée du Fer et du Chemin de Fer which was quite okay. Nothing fantastic but quite okay. it was a very nice village on the banks of the river Orbe. It used to be one of the central railway hubs in Switzerland as well as Europe and, looking at the map, a good chunk of the village is made up of the railway station.

After the visit to the museum we made a “walkabout” in the village and found a small cafe/restaurant where we had lunch. This place was a far as you could get from the posh one where we ate the day before yesterday. It was no less enjoyable though. We where not really in the mood for a big lunch anyway and this place had some real charm as a small “bistro” type place. The owner himself was doing the kitchen duties and his wife was serving the food. Both of them where on the wrong side of retirement. The food, veal Schnitzel for the kids, Entrecote for my wife (she is still following that nice doctors orders) and fried fish for me, was really great. Nothing fancy but well done “home cooked” style food.

Grottes de VallorbeAfter lunch we went on to Grottes de Vallorbe which pretty much is the village’s main attraction. It was a quite nice experience. It was perhaps not as impressive as Les Grottes de Cerdon that we visited last year but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

Again I dragged my SLR with me and took a bunch of photos and I added a selection to my 2013 Summer Holiday album on SkyDrive. I’m quite happy that I can crank up the SLR to 6400 ISO (even more actually but then picture quality really starts to suffer) otherwise I would not have been able to take any photos in the caves.

2 thoughts on “Another holiday trip, this time to Vallorbe and Musée du Fer et du Chemin de Fer and Grottes de Vallorbe

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