Yet another weekend almost gone. . .

PaintThis week(end) have been about painting, painting and some more painting. Last Wednesday the painter finally started painting the exterior woodwork on our house. Even though it is a stone house there is plenty enough of woodwork around the roof and on the terrace.

We actually had accepted an offer from another painter that had done some work for us already when we renovated the kitchen but in the end the guy was good at giving promises but in reality he never showed up. Sadly enough at least 80% of the craftsmen in this region are totally unreliable and a good chunk of them are even frauds just out to rip off unsuspecting foreigners of which there are plenty in the region.

So we got hold of another one. One that actually lives in our village a few hundred meters away from our house. This one appeared to be a lot more professional. He came when he said and, as far as I can see, he did a good job as well. And he was over 1000 EUR cheaper than the other one as well.

They finished the work just before lunch yesterday. Then Cassandra had asked if we could not go to Le Casanova for lunch. Le Casanova is fairly close just on the far end of St Genis Pouilly so we thought why not? Not sure why she picked that particular restaurant since we do not go there very often and when we do it is really only because it is nearby and convenient. On previous occasions we have found the food to be okay and the service to be barely okay. However, this time we are somewhat happy that we did go there. The food was quite good this time and the service had improved substantially. This time they had all Italian waiters, some of them spoke French only with difficulty, instead of the rather uninterested French blokes that where there the last couple of times. Now we might actually go back rather soon to see if this improvement is permanent.

After the lunch it was back to painting, at least for me. Since the weather was unexpectedly good I set on to paint the concrete window sills on the facade. I was not expecting to paint anything yesterday so I only had paint at home for the three ones that was most worn by the weather. In any case that took me a good chunk of the afternoon.

Then there was the usual lawn mowing, which I sadly had no Mean Mower for so I had to use my old boring one, shredding and other gardening work. I had some CERN work to do as well and now the weekend is almost gone…again.

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