Another really hot day

imageToday is another really hot day. At least it is hot for this region. It is not unusual to have 30+ degrees for some weeks in the summer but it is hot nevertheless. The last week we have been enjoying 30+ degrees during the day and the temperature have not gone below 20 at night so we officially have a heat wave now.

Although CERN’s accelerator, at 1.9 degrees above absolute zero which is 1.5 degrees below the background temperature of empty space, is literally the coldest place in the known universe there was apparently not enough coolant for the offices. That is, we have no air-conditioning in the offices which, I can tell you, right now sucks big time. Those engineering workstations we have generate a lot of heat!

Bodil and I did some shopping in the morning. I needed some more paint so I could finish the last four window sills and Bodil wanted some shelves on the wall above her sewing machine. I also did some trimming in the garden before it got too hot to work outside.

Now I’m going to sit down a while and do some reading since it is really too hot (the forecast got it right, we now have around 34 degrees and that is in the shade!) to do any real physical work. Later in the evening I am going to brave the heat and light up the barbeque so I can carbonize a few pieces of dead cow that have been marinating in the fridge since yesterday.

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