Saturday excursion. . .

Excrusion to Vivarium de LausanneWell, we did go on our planned, as I mentioned in my post this morning, excursion to Vivarium de Lausanne today. Unfortunately the vivarium are having financial troubles, as a lot of this kind of places today, and as a consequence it is beginning to look quite worn down.

It is really a shame since the vivarium is certainly one of the best in this region. Luckily the animals are still in very good condition and it is still worth a visit but the future does indeed look…not so good.

On a more positive note we stopped at La Croix Fédérale on our way home. This is another one of those restaurants that we have found on our previous excursions in the region and archived under the would-like-to-go-back-to heading. The menu is quite simple, Entrecote with a choice of sauces, Tournedos with a choice of sauces, Chateaubriand and then their speciality Filets de Perche.

Visit at St Prex for a nice Lunch after the vivarium in Lausanne.Yes I know, from the menu it looks like it is a steak house but their speciality is really their fish filets and they are indeed absolutely excellent. You can get a 150 gram serving or a 220 gram one with home made French (or in this case Suisse) fries. Me and Jonathan went for the big one and Bodil for the smaller one. Yes Jonathan went for fish as well and he does that from time to time so pick up your jaw and stop rolling your eyes.

Anyway, it was simply pure fish heaven. We actually stopped at this restaurant just to get the fish. Not only did we know it is really good but I was also really in the mod for some traditional fish dish from the Lac leman region. The previous time when we were there some guy drove all the way from Bern just to have their Filets de Perche at this restaurant. From the time when he supposedly called and the time when he arrived we can conclude that he did not respect the speed limits on the Suisse highway!

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