Tried the new “restaurant” in the village.

We did not feel like cooking today so we decided to try out the new restaurant in the village. Actually, it is the local baker that have decided to expand into the restaurant business. It is probably not a stupid move since he always have loads of workers coming there at lunch time to pick up bread, sandwiches or pizza slices from the bakery.

However, since it is still a pure family business they are somewhat restricted in what they can do. He himself fires up the bakery at 4’o clock in the morning after all. Thus they cannot really keep open late in the evening at the same time. So they only keep actual restaurant service over lunch and even then it is a fixed three course menu. No choice except what to drink. In the evening they have pizzas but only for takeaway.

The food was quite decent though. The kids where a little disappointed of course since we thought we could get pizzas also for lunch. It is understandable that they just cannot do everything just by themselves though. I hope it goes well so that they can expand and hire someone. It would be great to have a simple but real pizza restaurant at walking distance from our house.

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