Back from Porto. . .

Holiday Porto 2013 - Going on the obligatory 6 bridges cruise along the DuoroLast Tuesday evening we returned from our summer holiday in Porto where we had spent a little more than a week. We had a very good time there. It is a very nice old town although it is indeed becoming a bit worn down. You can see that it suffers from the never ending financial crisis.

Still we had a very enjoyable stay there without any real mishaps. The flights departed almost on time and the hotel booking worked perfectly. We had, via American Express’ travel service, found a excellent hotel, Hotel Infante Sagres, located perfectly on the edge of the old town district of porto about ten or so minutes walk from the Douro river. It was close to every thing. The only time we used any form of transport was when crossing the river and when going out to SeaLife at the mouth of the river.

One nice thing with Porto was that it was not crowded with tourists and it was not full of tourist traps and people trying to drag you into their establishments. The only disappointment we got was the supposedly famous Livraria Lello. This was indeed nothing but a tourist trap. As soon as you entered it a load of goons started to follow you repeating over and over again that you could not take pictures because it was a “book store”. But as a book store it was just crap with little books of interest and many of them were worn and damaged.

Holiday Porto 2013 - Going on the obligatory 6 bridges cruise along the DuoroApart from that little “incident” we had a lovely time. I took loads of photos of course. 465 to be precise. I did not want to bring my big SLR when flying so all of them where taken with my Canon G15 which is good (and it gives me RAW format photos) but not as good as the SLR. It especially have difficulties with backlit objects and in low light.

Anyway, I have selected a little more than a hundred of the photos and published them to my Miscellaneous photo album. They are of course published to my 2013 Summer Holiday album as well so that they stay around when I recycle the ones in the Miscellaneous album.

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