Winding down. . .or winding up?

I was about to write that we are still winding down from the holiday in Porto. But then, looking at what we have been doing the last couple of days I am wondering if we are not really winding up. Sure, we are getting back into normal habits compared to our holiday in Porto but it is not exactly like we are relaxing.

The last couple of days we have been running around getting stuff for the kids school start. Especially for Jonathan who are going to spend time away from family alone for the first time and needs loads of stuff like bed linen etc…

Just to make matters more complicated my new car, which was supposed to be delivered in December, arrived early and, since it is going on diplomatic plates, it is really a pain to do all the paperwork. Yesterday I spent a full hour (not exaggerating) over the phone trying to explain to some poor girl at my insurance company, used to answer regular calls about simple accidents etc, the ridiculously lengthy French bureaucratic procedure for obtaining these plates. Simple things that my car was a private one despite the diplomatic plates and that I needed a temporary insurance for three months instead of the usual two weeks were almost insurmountable difficulties. My French is far from excellent which didn’t help but in the end the girlie was quite helpful and I got the papers I required.

WP_20130831_001Anyway, after having done a bit of morning shopping, today we took time off from the preparations and went for a pizza lunch. The restaurant that we had originally planned to go to was closed so we ended up in Divonnes Les Bains.

I know, I know, the photo to the right is fairly lousy with everyone looking away but I just had to take a sample photo with my new Windows 8 phone (Lumia 925). The photo quality of the 925 is vastly superior to my old phone. Still not really good but acceptable at least.

My old Samsung gave up during the holidays in Porto so I had to get a new one. I am partly happy to get an opportunity to upgrade from my old 7.8 phone but at the same time pissed off that a well working phone just decided to croak on me. Actually, it gave up after I had forgot it when charging it in the hotel room so it wouldn’t surprise me if the cleaning lady soaked it with some spray product or something.

Anyway, now we’re going to have a simple evening meal after all that pizza and then we’ll see what’s on the telly.

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