Last day before starting to work again

Timothy trying out golf at the Jivahill golf clubI have to say it feels a bit sad knowing that the summer holiday is all but behind us and tomorrow I have to get up and go to work again. Not only that but since we have to get Jonathan to the bus station in St Genis as well I have to go up at 5:30 again. At least the weather have been nice to us during this holiday. Instead of being lousy during the holiday and then changing to good just when it is time to start work it has actually been the other way around. We have had excellent weather most of the time and it is only as from yesterday evening that it went bad. Now the rain is pouring down though.

Actually I was at work already last Friday since I had to get some paperwork filed for my new car. The day before I had already spent over three hours in a bloody queue at the sous-prefecture in Gex just for them to spend 30 seconds filling in a paper that said that I could de-register my old car from its diplomatic plates. Typical European bureaucracy!

Yesterday we did the last couple of, somewhat, holiday related trips. Among others we went to the Jivahill Golf Club nearby since we’re looking for something (non-PS3) for Timothy to do on his spare time. The school had arranged for a quick presentation and Timothy said that he wanted to play. They had open doors at the club so the kids could try it out so we though it was good opportunity. I snapped a quick shot (above) with my new Nokia but since the phone obviously do not have an optical zoom Timothy and the other kids are mostly specks in the distance. The view is nice though.

In the end, when he realised that he had to take courses and that he would have to go there once a week, he chickened out. Although, with his temperament, it was probably for the best (and I am not to keen of this primitive form of agriculture anyway) but we are not too happy that both Timothy and Cassandra tends to chicken out of all non-video-game related activities that we try to arrange for them. As a consequence their PS3 allocation have now been reduced to one two hour session a week and the next thing Bodil finds and suggests for them might not be all that optional any more.

Bodil and Jonathan went to Bellegarde as well to pick up some school books but since we now only have one car for a while we did not want to pack the entire family in her small car so I staid at home with the two small ones.

So, now I am going to sit down, do some reading and try to not think about work for a few more hours. Well, it is Sunday so I am going to do the cooking tonight as well. Bodil found an interesting recipe with St Jacobs mussels and a bean mixture that I am going to try out.

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