Finally I got enough paperwork done to liberate my new car so that I can actually drive it

BureaucracyI am tempted to say that forking up some (too much as always) cash for a new car is the easy bit. At least if you, like me, have your car on diplomatic plates. Just getting my old car scrapped (yes scrapped, not sold, just scrapped) was an ordeal with visits to the French customs, the sous prefecture etc. etc. just because it was on diplomatic plates and it didn’t formally exist as a normal car neither in Switzerland nor in Switzerland. The reason I scrapped it was that the procedure and bureaucracy for getting it on normal plates so that I could sell it was going to cost me more than the car was worth.

Getting the new one liberated so I could actually drive it was an even worse ordeal. Not only did I have to file a shitload of more paperwork and make another tour to the sous prefecture to get a licence for temporary plates (the procedure for the diplomatic ones takes 2 to 3 months) but then the Swiss paperwork had to be done (since the car was purchased in Switzerland) so first one tour to the French customs to ensure that the Swiss procedure was compatible with my diplomatic plates and then, since the Swiss customs said they required the car to be present for the export declaration, a tour to the dealer to get the car and drive it to the customs. Guess what? Once there they did not even look at the bloody car.

Once the paper-dust had settled and I could finally drive the car it had been sitting in the dealers garage for several weeks before I could get my hands on it.

Now at least I have my car at home which, hopefully, will be somewhat of a relief for Bodil who have had to drive, not only the kids, but me as well all over the place.

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