It is so nice to have a new car :-)

Car-1I am really enjoying having a new car. It is not until you actually get behind the steering wheel of a brand new car that you realize that your old car was pretty…old.

Considering that my old car was 10(!) years old the change was indeed not just limited to that nice new-car-smell but almost a wee bit dramatic.

Although the new one is still the same type of car, classic American 4×4 with a decent V8 under the hood, it has a lot more oomph than the old one when you press the accelerator. The 8-gear rev-matched gearbox helps a lot with that of course. Then there are other changes. For instance no more conventional dials and stuff. They are all replaced with electronic screens emulating dials. No more shuffling of CD’s. Just stick a USB-key into the player or pair your Blue-tooth device (in my case my Lumia 925) to it and play from there. I tanked down my 80 favorite CD’s on a USB-key and plugged it in as soon as I got the car. And so on and so forth…

I think it is a safe bet that I will have some “errands” to do this weekend which will require me to go by car :-).

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