Time for some autumn gardening

Autumn gardening - Trimming our side of the neighbours hedgeAutumn is, by most calendar standards, here even though we still have summer-like temperatures most of the days. During day-time that is. The nights have become quite chilly. Autumn means that it is time for some autumn garden work.

Since I have accumulated 33 days of leave on my “standard” leave account at CERN I must take 3 of those before the end of September or I will lose them since you are only allowed to carry over 30 days of unsaved leave each year and the leave accounting year at CERN starts on the 1st of October. Do not ask me why it is so though!

Anyway, I have taken the rest of the week off which and with the nice weather there is of course no excuse not to do some gardening.

First task on the list was to trim our side of the neighbour’s hedge. It was time to do it this year (we do it every second year) and the neighbour had already done his side plus the top. Actually, if it was my hedge I would have ripped it up. It is ugly and weight to high. Actually it is illegally high but we do not want to push the issue since it is not our current neighbours fault but the previous ones who were real assholes. If we force it to be cut down to legal height it will probably die so we have agreed to just keep it at its current height.

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