WP_20131003_06_52_09_ProSince I have to drive JJ to the bus stop each Monday and Thursday I have a 15 minute wait in front of the special CERN gate that allows authorized staff to enter the CERN site, and thus Switzerland, directly from France without having to pass the customs.

After having left JJ it is too close to when the gate opens at 7’o clock for me to drive anywhere else so I’m stuck with the 15 minute wait. Sure, I could have continued through the customs and enter via the main gate in Switzerland but then I have to sit in a queue for at least as long which is even worse. At least I can read my emails and some news on my phone while waiting in front of the gate.

This morning I had already read my emails as well as most of the news so I just resorted to playing around with the phone which is still rather new to me after I replaced my old broken Samsung with a new Lumia 925 a couple of weeks ago.

Among other things I played around with the camera and Nokia’s Pro Cam app. Just for fun I shot the photo above through the windshield of my car. I never really expected anything usable to come out of it and was very surprised when that photo popped out. Sure, if you zoom in the quality is rather low, grainy and fuzzy but still, it is a photo that is actually usable. I have to say that I am somewhat impressed. I definitely do not regret buying a Nokia Lumia. Actually, the entire family, except the two smallest ones, are using Lumia’s now although JJ’s and Bodil’s are smaller ones.

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