Chinese lunch

Chinese lunch on Cassandras "birthday weekend"Today we went for Lunch at a Chinese restaurant in St Genis. To go to an Asian restaurant was one of Cassandra’s wishes for her “Birthday weekend”. She actually wanted to go to one of our usual restaurants in Ferney Voltaire but today is market day there which meant that it would have been impossible to get a parking close to the center of the village and since the weather is lousy we did not really fancy walking any great distance in the rain.

So we picked this one in St Genis instead. I had been there more than 10 years ago and then it was okay. Nothing fancy but okay. When we came there we found out that they did not have an a’la carte menu any more but only a buffet. Chinese lunch on Cassandras I am not too thrilled about buffet restaurants. When I go to a restaurant and pay for my food I want to be served as well. The kids, especially Cassandra, liked it though and that is what counted this time since it was for their sake that we went after all.

Anyway, I have to admit that, especially for the amount of money that we paid, the food was quite okay.

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