Lots of happy faces at CERN

Higgs And EnglertAs can be expected the coffee room and corridor talk here at CERN right now revolves around this years physics Nobel price which, although it was not really awarded to CERN as an organization, CERN played a large role in the award becoming a reality by actually proving the existence of the Higgs particle as predicted by Englert and Higgs.

I hope this helps our Director General to preserve our budget for the coming years. This obviously creates quite a bit of positive publicity around the laboratory even inside groups who normally are clueless about what we are actually doing such as the politicians that would rather like to spend our money to buy votes at home.

I still remember one of my home countries former education and research ministers. An ignorant asshole from the Swedish socialist party who thought that Sweden, one of the founding members of the organization, should leave CERN. I mean consider this: when he came to visit CERN the Swedish consulate in Geneva did not get a list of things that interested him, as is the usual procedure, but a list of things not to talk about because it would piss him off. As I said, a total asshole. Luckily he got booted shortly after. The poor people of Berlin had to put up with him as an ambassador later on if my memory servers me right.

Anyway, the spirit here at CERN is quite high at the moment.

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