JJ got his College diploma

Diplome National Du BrevetYesterday I picked up JJ early in St Genis Pouilly so that we could go to his old college. He had taken an early bus from Bellegarde, after being duly authorized to leave the school early of course, so that he could take part in the ceremony and the handing over of the diplomas that the kids get after finishing high school.

Since he has already continued his studies this diploma is more of a memory item of course and will more than likely never be used for anything “real” but it is still a nice thing to have and it is nice that the schools in France still takes these things seriously and makes a bit of a ceremony out of it.

Today we actually went to Bellegarde in the morning. Not that JJ had to pick up the time that he lost yesterday or anything but the last one of the books that he needed for school and that we had ordered for him had arrived so we had to go an pick it up.

The weather was really nice in the morning and I quite enjoyed finally being able to take my new car for a ride longer than 15 minutes. That it was partly “autoroute” and partly winding mountain roads just added to the pleasure of course :-).

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