Birthday again

Jonathan's 15th BirthdayOctober is kind of a “birthday month” since both Cassandra and Jonathan have their birthdays in October. Thus today is Jonathan’s birthday. Since the 15th birthday or “fylla moppe” as we say is considered a somewhat bigger birthday in Sweden he also got a somewhat bigger present than usual. Specifically he got a new computer.

Jonathan's 15th BirthdayA new PC was one of the things on his wish list. Well, actually, it was not strictly speaking on his wish list but he had a couple of games on his list with a clever hint that his old laptop probably wouldn’t be able to play them. Well his cunning plan worked…almost. Since a new PC suitable for some reasonably serious gaming is a rather expensive affair we decided that he got only one present from us this birthday, the computer, and that he had to wait for Christmas to get more games and stuff. Of course he got some more stuff from Cassandra, Timothy, grandparents etc…

Since the kids have school holidays now and it takes some time to set up a new PC I took the day off so that I could help him set it up and move some of his old stuff from the old laptop. I like setting up new gadgets so I cannot say that I was very hard to convince when a new PC came up on the menu :-).

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