Masonary work in the garden

New garden wall coming up around the dining room window flower bToday have been a lovely day with lots of sun and temperatures around 17+ centigrade which is pretty god for end of October around here. I took the opportunity to continue working on the flower bed in front of the dining room. Specifically I almost finished the little brick wall surrounding the flower bed. The photos in this post if from just before lunch. I finished the wall after lunch but I forgot to take some photos before I covered it up for the night. The forecast says that there will be rain later tonight and even though the concrete that I used are supposed to take after two hours I rather not have it soaked the first 24 hours.

New garden wall coming up around the dining room window flower bSpeaking of lunch, we went to the local hotel/restaurant, Bois Joly, for lunch today. I quite like this place. It is really a traditional French restaurant. Nothing fancy but still a bit above the average. It is game season as well so I, Bodil and JJ had Red Deer for main course. Mine and Bodil’s pieces was excellent but unfortunately the piece JJ got was not so god. Actually it was quite bad. It tasted like it had bled out and the blood had infused a bad taste to the meat. To the credit of the restaurant they fixed it at once when we mentioned it. Out went his plate and, after a reasonable time, in came another one.

After lunch I finished the wall. Well I got all the bricks in place but I still have to do the finishing of the joints. Since it is going to rain tomorrow I hope that the weather will be nice next weekend so I can complete the work. It will not be long until the temperatures will drop too much around here for doing this kind of work.

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