JJ are up in the clouds…really!

Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas XWell, almost…kind of…virtually at least.

As I wrote earlier he got a new PC for his birthday. Since a new PC was somewhat more expensive than his usual presents he did not get a lot of stuff to go with it. It is less than two months left before Christmas after all.

So the other day I got him a Thrustmaster flightstick which he paid for with his weekly allowance. They are actually not that enormously expensive especially considering that they are surprisingly well-built.

Already when he wished for a PC for his birthday he had his sight set for Rise Of Flight, one of the few flight simulator games that is set in the period of the 1st World War. That was why he wanted a new PC in the first place actually. There is no way his old laptop could have handled that game. Anyway, they have a fully playable demo, although limited to two models of planes, so I went ahead and downloaded it already when I ordered the flightstick from Amazon. Thus yesterday, when the stick arrived, we installed it.

He could hardly tear himself from the computer to come down to watch last night’s episode of Bones last evening. When he did come down he was all smiles and full of arguments why we just have to get the full version of the game.

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