After Halloween comes…Christmas

Christmas Village at BotanicMe and Bodil went to Botanic today because we needed a few things like dog feed, fish feed and some other stuff. When we got there we discovered that they had already opened their Christmas Village.

As usual I got that “It is too early!” feeling. Okay, okay I can understand that they need to open it up before Christmas since a lot of the stuff they sell is stuff that people want to have ready for Christmas if they are going to decorate their houses in time.

Well, I guess it could be worse. A friend of my posted a photo of their shops starting to decorate with Christmas trees in September. It become even more weird when he later posted a photo of himself in T-shirt and shorts in front of the barbeque. Okay, maybe this is a good time to mention that he lives in Australia so an October barbeque is not that unusual.

There is not going to be a barbeque at our place today that is for sure. At least not in shorts and T-shirt. I’m hoping it will clear up enough so that I can finish the joints on my new garden wall. Right now it looks like the weather could decide to go either way.

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