Finally got my diplomatic plates authorization

BureaucracyOf course that ment another visit to the French customs and another round of paper shuffling. They wanted no less than seven different documents this time. What frustrates me the most is that they already got most of these when I applied for the temporary plates for the car. On top of everything they constantly remind me that the “procedure is different” because they are now “computerized”. One would have though that they would keep track of which document they have already then?

I also had to visit Gondrond, a customs broker, to get the importation papers and since no one told me that they also wanted a bunch of paper I had to go out to the car again and get the originals so that we could make more copies. Just to make my day the rain was pouring down and the parking near the customs was full so I had to park some distance away…ARRRGGGGHHHHH!

Well, at least I am almost there. Unless they invent a new procedure I only have to go there one more time to pick up the (almost) final papers. Then they will send the registration (Carte Grise) directly home to me.

By the way, no it is not my new car in the photo. Mine is red :-).

One thought on “Finally got my diplomatic plates authorization

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