First Christmas shopping

Fiesta MexicanaAs usual Christmas shopping starts early in this family since we have to send some of our presents from France to Sweden and given the abysmal postal service these days you have to send your packages several weeks before Christmas if you want to be sure they arrive in time for Christmas.

Thus, today we went to Balexert in Geneva for some Christmas shopping. Balexert is a nice place in the sense that it is big enough that it is not totally crowded and stressful even on a Saturday and it is far enough away from the center of Geneva that you do not have to drive into the mess and try to find a parking. IMG-20131123-1730Unlike a lot of other places they do not try to profit from the people who come by car. Rather the inverse, if you stay less than an hour the parking is free and even if you, like we did today, park for three hours you “only” pay 1 Franc and 50 centimes.

As have become a bit of a habit we did take the opportunity to have lunch at Fiesta Mexicana,  the Mexican bistro, there. Me and Jonathan had soft tacos which was served with four different sauces of which one was marvelously hot.

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