Yuck, more snow…already

This is what greeted us when we opened the windows this morning. Okay, okay it is pretty to look at but as far as I am concerned it can wait until I have stopped working for Christmas. I am sure that, as usual, there will be no snow on Christmas eve though and then the white yucky stuff will come back in time for when I start to work again.

Ah well, such is life. The kids are happy at least although Timothy have to be somewhat restrained since he managed to fall at school last Thursday and broke a finger. Not that it have slowed him down much so far. He even refused to take any pain killers and happily shows off his splint to fix the finger.

One good thing with this season though is that the restaurants are usually stocked with wild game. Yesterday we went for a lunch at work. It was a last minutes decision (unfortunately people who actually plan ahead is in short supply at CERN) to go for a farewell lunch for one of my colleagues that are leaving. We went to a nice rustic little auberge on the Swiss side about 10 minutes from CERN where they served an excellent deer in black pepper sauce with Swiss spätzli, red cabbage and other vegetables.

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