Swedish Christmas market in Lausanne

Today the Swedish Christmas market is held in Lausanne. Actually it is held both today and tomorrow but the important stuff, at least for us, is usually gone already by lunch time on the first day. As usual we went there today, knocking on the door when they opened up, to get the various food products, smoked eel, herring to pickle, lutfisk, julknäcke, elk sausages etc, that we need to make our Christmas buffet and dinner.

Morning view from the top floor of our houseThis time, as you can see from the photo to the right and the one above, that I snapped out of our bedroom window this morning, the weather was really nice for a trip to Lausanne, unlike a lot of the years before.

I also got the opportunity to stretch my new car a bit on the Swiss highway. So far the farthest I have been driving have been to Bellegarde. The consumption dropped about 3 liters when driving at a reasonably steady 120-130 km/h (yes the Swiss highways are quite sluggish) compared to my usual short morning drives to work even though I had to slow down and then accelerate up again quite a few times since I was blocked by idiot Swiss drivers. The Swiss drivers must be the absolutely worst when it comes to highway driving. They happily hog the left lane not giving a shit if anyone comes up behind them wanting to pass. I so much prefer the German highways.

As usual when we drove back we stopped at our favorite pizzeria in Divonne les Bains for lunch so now we’re going to have a light fish soup and some French bread for supper.

I took a few photos file we where there but I only had my G15 semi-compact with me and that one is really not the best under those low light conditions and I did not really have the time to fiddle too much with the settings so the quality is rather mediocre. Anyway, I published a few of them to my Flickr account in my Christmas Season 2013 photo set.

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