This fog is really depressing

Pretty much this entire week we have been waking up to a dense fog when looking out our windows. Most of the days it has not cleared up all day. What is worse is that it has generally been around -7 degrees in the mornings and it has never gone above -3 during daytime. Minus 7 degrees is not really uncommon although we usually have that in January-February rather than December but dense fog to go with it is not something we usually have. You can just imagine how fun it is to drive when it is 100% humidity, fog and down to -7 degrees. Especially with all the Geneva idiots around that still drives on summer tires. An entire week with this crap is rather depressing.

The forecast however have been saying temperatures between 6 and 10 degrees plus and sunny. I know it is sometimes difficult to get the weather right in this mountain region but one would have thought that they would adjust their forecasts when they see that it is wrong several days in a row. Today the forecast stills says that it should be 6 degrees plus and sunny. Well you can see what weather we really have in the photo above that I snapped out of my office window around 11’o clock. The fog has actually lifted quite a bit since this morning. The temperature is minus 5 degrees. It was a long time since the various meteorological forecasts have been so wrong for such a long time.

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