Christmas shopping, Turkish lunch etc…

Christmas is getting closer. Yesterday morning we spent at Val Thoiry with the kids so that they could do the last of their Christmas shopping and after that we went for a lunch at the Turkish restaurant in St Genis that we frequented quite a lot when we used to live there. The food is still quite okay. Simple but slightly above fast-food and well worth the quite modest prices they charge.

Our Christmas Village 2013This weekend is the weekend of the 3rd of Advent so the last of the Christmas decorations, except the Christmas tree of course, are going up. Speaking of Christmas three, me, JJ and Cassandra went to buy our’s after the Lunch and it is now waiting on the terrace for the 23rd. Surprisingly enough Cassandra wanted to go as well. Tim was not too interested which was lucky since I have to fold one half of the rear set to get the tree into the car which only makes room for two passengers.

Yesterday I also put up the Christmas village for which we bought a mountain plateau this year instead of just putting the houses on the bookshelf. A bit of a “plastique” look but not too bad and the kids liked it.

I also made this years traditional (south) Swedish Christmas mustard yesterday. Hopefully it will be good. It always tastes not so good just after I have made it and then matures into the right taste after some time in the fridge. So it is a week’s worth of wait now before I know if I got it right this year as well.

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