Last working day this year…hooray!

Christmas.jpgAs I write this, around lunchtime today, I have about half a day left of this working year. Then I have the last three days of this week off and after that CERN shuts down for Christmas. I cannot say that I am very unhappy about that.

That gives me the time to get the last of the Christmas shopping done as well as to wind down before Christmas itself.

Unfortunately I also have to see what I can do about the gate to our driveway since it broke, again, yesterday. I am not sure that I will be able to fix it this time though since it is really starting to fall apart now. We hoped it would hold together until they had finished digging up the road, and our driveway, when redoing the sewage pipes in the village. Then we expected to have the entire driveway and gate redone by a professional but it looks like Murphy reared his ugly head again.

Anyway, it is Christmas and I am (soon) going on holiday…hooray!

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