I was hoping to wash my car today but…

Apart from the fact that it is raining and I am not too inclined to make a fool out of myself by publicly washing my car when it is raining I do not think it would have lasted very long anyway considering the mess outside our house right now. All the roads have been more or less dug up and yesterday there was a several meter deep hole outside out driveway. We had to park on the other side of what used to be a green area.

IMG-20131219-1814The roads are covered by about a decimeter of mud, no kidding. Even if it would not have been raining today it would have been next to impossible to get anywhere close to the house with a clean car without it becoming as dirty as it was before. Okay, that is not entirely true. Right now, after a week with -5 to -8 degrees and fog the car is also covered with loads of road salt which I really would want to wash off it. So if it would not have been raining I probably would have washed it anyway. Hopefully the forecast saying that it will clear up but still be above zero will be correct and I will get a chance to hose it down before Christmas.

When we walked out of our gate this morning the guy in charge of the workplace said that we should be able drive into our driveway again tonight since they where shutting down the work today and not restarting it again for three weeks. Well, that is one way of presenting bad news in a nice wrapper. Since the dug up bits are not covered up it means we will be driving on mud roads for another tree weeks. Also, in three weeks time it will probably be full winter and then they will not restart work because of that.

Ah well, it is Christmas after all so what the heck. As from this weekend me and the family are going to stay indoors and eat, read books, watch movies, play games and open presents. Okay, it is probably me and my dear wife that are going to do most of the reading and the kids that are going to do most of the playing but you get the idea :-).

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