Trip to Divonne Les Bains and Christmas Candy

Today is the first official day of Christmas holidays. Sure I have been off work since Wednesday but that was just because I took three additional days just before Christmas. The kids have been attending school until yesterday and so have everyone else working normal days.

Since Christmas is normally a “stay inside” holiday Bodil suggested that we should not stay inside the house today so we drove to Divonne Les Bains where we took a walk in the village and then had a nice lunch at Da Vinci. It looked like they had new staff though since the service was quite confused. It was rather young staff and they were very friendly though so it all went rather well in the end.

Christmas CandyWhen we came home my wife and the kids started to make Christmas candy although the kids seemed to give up rather quickly this year. A bit disappointing. Anyway, the candy got done and Bodil made the Swedish pickled herring after the candy.

I had my camera with me in Divonne and of course later during the candy making so I uploaded a selection to my Flickr Photostream in the 2013 Christmas Season set.

Oh, and I got my car washed in the afternoon as well :-).

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