Now there is not much left of 2013

End Of yearThis morning Bodil and I went to the Intermarche in St Genis to do the last shopping for the year. Obviously we picked up some niceties for tomorrow evening like decorations, silly hats (for the kids of course :-)) some dead cow and other stuff for the festivities. It almost feels unreal that there is only a day and half left of this year.

A week ago it was Christmas Eve and the days between then and now have gone by in a blur. Today we finished the last of the pickled herring and Bodil is going to do something with the last of the Christmas ham for dinner tonight. I have to say that I can be without Christmas food for a while now. Well, almost. Would not want to miss the traditional second “Lufisk” meal on New Years day.

This is probably the last post I will make on this site for this year. usually tomorrow is a bit too busy for sitting down and making posts so that means this years count for the site is 135 posts. Not that I have made it a goal to make many posts but given how long it sometimes feels between posts I am surprised that I have made that many. I have made quite a few more on my Books & Movies site of course since I have read a lot more books and watched a lot more movies than 135. The count on that site stands at 267 posts as I write this. Speaking of movies and while I am indulging myself in silly statistics anyway, my Movie Collection passed 900 titles a week or so before Christmas. Maybe I will reach a 1000 titles next year?

Anyway, Happy New Year!

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