Last days of this Christmas holiday

christmas-vacation-end-titleNot much left now of this Christmas holiday. This weekend is the last one before work as well as school starts again.

Today we went for a lunch at l’Incontro as a last holiday event before going back to the ordinary gray working days. We had actually planned to go to 282 since it is one of the kid’s favorite restaurants but it turned out that they were closed until the 8th so we continued to l’Incontro. Not that I was too unhappy since that restaurant is much more cozy and the pizzas are about the same.

Actually I had a less pleasant appointment at the dentist early in the morning due to a piece of a tooth having broken off a few days earlier. It turned out to be an unrepairable wisdom tooth that had to be removed. Surprisingly enough I was not too bothered by it during the lunch even though I had a nice fresh hole in the back of my mouth.

Now the kids are trying to squeeze in as much game time as they can before we go back to normality, Bodil is reading a book and I, well I am writing this and will soon follow Bodil’s example for a while before starting to make dinner tonight. It is Malaysian fried noodles with sausages and shrimps on the menu for tonight.

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