The kids finally got their pizza at 282

282The kids were harping about going to 282 already last week but we (as in us adults) though we had been to restaurants enough for a while so we stayed at home that weekend. Sure, the last time we tried to go there we found that they were closed for the holidays but the kids still got their pizza although in a different restaurant so…

Anyway, this weekend we gave in and went there. I’m not sure why the kids like it so much. The pizza’s are okay but fantastic and the ambiance is more of a working lunch restaurant than a weekend restaurant. Well, it is a decent place and the prices are reasonably moderate so I’m not complaining too much.

Afterwards Jonathan, Cassandra and me spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing cards. Jonathan has learned a new card game in school which he wanted to play and I have to admit that it was quite fun to play. It did involve a decent amount of strategic thinking as well. I am actually quite happy playing cards with Jonathan. This was something that was quite common when I was a kid, both among kids and adults. I am actually thinking about trying to teach Jonathan the old game that everyone played in Sweden at that time just to see if he might like it.

And yes! I have changed the bloody theme again. I just do not seem to find something that I am really happy with this time. If I find that I am not happy with this one either I might just go back to one of the themes that I used before.

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