Another Saturday almost gone and it feels like it passed in fast forward.

I was quite happy yesterday when I drove home from work looking forward to the weekend. Now most of the Saturday is already gone and it kind of feels like it just went in fast forward. Well, we did get actually get quite a lot of stuff done but it still feels like the Saturday just…disappeared.

JardilandProbably because the entire morning was spent on Jonathan visiting the dentist for a scheduled check-up and then we were “just” going to Jardiland in the afternoon so I could buy some replacement filter wads for my aquarium filter. When there I also had a quick look for a birthday present for an upcoming birthday but found nothing so we decided on a whim to drive to Val Thoiry to see if we could find something there. We did find something but then it was already 3’o clock in the afternoon when we came back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo now I am going to sit down and do some reading and then it is time to start to prepare for the evening meal. I’m going to make a Mexican spicy dish with shredded chicken in a salsa sauce, Mexican chips and salad this weekend. It is a new recipe that I want to try out. Bodil went to Globus Delicatessen this week and picked up some nopalitos (pickled cactus) which gave me the idea to go for Mexican.

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