Lunch at Relais de Chambesy outside Geneva

Relais de ChambesyToday is the birthday of one of my colleagues. Sometimes this means cake at coffee time but sometimes it means going for a nice lunch somewhere. This time we went for lunch. Since my colleague lives in Geneva he had booked a restaurant on the Swiss side of the border, Relais De Chambesy, close to the customs at Ferney Voltaire.

Relais de Chambesy - InteriorQuite nice place with a semi-posh style. The food, Soupe de moules de bouchot à l’orange, Joues de veau braisées, émulsion au romarin, Purée de brocoli, gnocchi à la romaine and Pana cotta à la mangue for me, was quite okay. You better not be in a hurry when visiting though since it took us three hours to get through lunch and none of us took something extremely out of the ordinary. Mine was actually the Menu du Marché.

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