Went for some decently hot and spicy curry this weekend

IMG-20140208-0030The kids wanted to go out to eat this weekend and I have to confess that I am never very difficult to persuade when it comes to those kind of proposals. The choice for our little weekend adventure fell on Rajpoute in Ornex this time.

Not only is it our favorite Indian restaurant around here but it has been around since 1980 which is an outstanding record in this region where restaurants and shops pop up and goes away at a frightening speed. The fact that it is all Indian owned and staffed probably have something to do with their success. The last couple of years they are growing their own vegetables as well.

I decided to go all crazy this time so after the not so hot agneau tikka entre and the slightly hotter mirch nan (chili bread) I went for a chicken jalfrezi which normally ranges from quite hot to bloody hot. The one they serve at Rajpoute is a really good one which means it is bloody hot but not so ridiculously hot that you taste nothing but chili. Still it is not a dish for the squeamish.

On the whole it was a very nice lunch, as it usually is in that restaurant.

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