Signed up for Internet over fiber yesterday

Fiber OpticsMy ADSL connection have always felt fairly adequate for most stuff that I am doing at home but sure, it is a huge difference between the speed at home and at my office where I have a Gigabit connection. Still, I have been rather content with the 6-7 Megabit that my ADSL gives me.

We have had fiber trunk in the road since some years now but I never bothered to get connected since, as I wrote, I have been happy with what I have and also, the (politically controlled) association running the venture of cabling the region had some funny ideas about only promoting small companies so it was only small and unheard of providers that you could use. The latter seems to have changed now though since at least Numericable, which is the major cable operator in France, is one of the available providers.

However, lately I have started to really notice when JJ is at home and hogs the connection at the same time. Also, it is more and more often that I connect to my home PC from work to get files and stuff and remote control from the office is indeed sluggish since ADSL is not symmetrical so I only have a bit less than a Megabit in the outgoing direction.

So, after having had a few chats with my colleagues about their experiences with different providers I signed up yesterday. It is not Numericable, which forces you to use a lot of proprietary equipment (router etc…) which I do not like but another operator. The subscription is for 100 Megabit symmetrical in both directions which, according to my colleagues, is actually what you get as well. Unfortunately the previously mentioned association, which are the only ones that are allowed to touch the fiber part of the network, operates like any state controlled agency, as in slowly! It will take 6 to 8 weeks for them to come and make the connection.

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