Tim helping with the clean-up after my “lumberjacking”

IMG-20140301-0069After a lousy start we actually got some nice weather this afternoon. We even got some sun after the rains. So after having played an hour of cards with the JJ and Cassandra after lunch (I really enjoy that JJ likes playing card, reminds me of my days as a kid) I went out in the garden to start cleaning up after my “lumberjacking” last weekend.

After a while Tim came out and wanted to help so Bodil put him on helping with the cutting of the branches that were to long or two unwieldy to fit into the shredder. Apart from forgetting not to get the cutting blades into the dirt all the time he was actually somewhat helpful and he stayed on it for more than five minutes as well.

There a couple of more photos in my Flickr photostream.

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