Here we go again…

Sixteen Nine ThemeAs you can see, I have changed the theme again. Not that it should really be a surprise since I wrote already in my last post about themes that I did not seem to be able to find a theme that I really liked. Well, I did not really like the previous one so here we go again…

I felt that this theme made the site look more like what it is, a family site, than a news site. The last post is right at the top of the page so that you get to it right away and the little Gravatar image in the top left corner with the site name and the tagline makes the nature of the site rather obvious.

The top menu bar and the links widgets have been merged into a left side menu that stays in place even when the page scrolls. If you have a small window/screen then the menu pops up on the top of the page to make more room for the posts.

Otherwise the site is pretty much the same. I had to ditch the Flickr widget with the latest photos though since that one really looked abysmal with this theme. The latest photos is just one click on the My Flickr Photostream (or Photosets) link in the left menu anyway.

I am sure that it is only me that really cares much about which theme I use and the detailed look of the site but then, it is my hobby site after all so…

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