Trip to Nyon for a walkabout and lunch

Excursion to Nyon for a quick lunchI was not sure how long it would take for the fiber guys to make the installation and, in any case, it is school holidays, so I took the entire day off today. Thus, after the installation we went to Nyon for a walkabout and a lunch. Luckily I did not bother to switch the data connection on my phone to roaming so I could not get any annoying emails. Of course when I take a day off everything goes pear-shaped and I had a bunch of please-call-me emails waiting when we came back…sigh.

Anyway, we had planned to go to Musée de Leman before having lunch but we found out that all the museums on Nyon were closed in the morning between November and March inclusive. What a stupid thing to do. It is during the winter season that one have the time and inclination to go to museums after all. Well, we went for a walkabout in the village instead.

Excursion to Nyon for a quick lunchWhen the time approached lunch-time we dropped in on an Italian restaurant that we found during our walkabout and had a nice lunch. The kids did not want any desert at the restaurant. Although this might sound surprising at first it has a perfectly reasonable explanation. In Nyon there is a well renowned ice cream parlor with a large selection of excellent ice cream and naturally the kids had their sights set on this place.

Since we went by car and the weather was nice I brought my SLR and took some photos of which I uploaded a few to my Flick photostream.

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