Last days of the winter school holidays

Last days of the winter school holidaysFormally the winter school holidays finished yesterday so this is officially a “normal” weekend. It will be a stay-at-home weekend for us. The kids are couch potatoes of course with JJ rooted in front of his PC and the other kids in front of the TV. It is the last days of the school holidays after all so I’m not harassing them too much about it.

We got some bloke from a company claiming to be affiliated with EDF here this morning wanting to review our energy consumption and helping us save energy. They have been phoning relentlessly for years now and every time we have said that we are not interested. Last time they phoned the guy was really insistent and my wife was unable to get rid of him. I was quite annoyed about that and the first thing I did was tell him that we were not really very interested. He was polite enough but after realizing that there was no quick sale to make he left rather quickly.

Netgear NighthawkOtherwise I spent the morning doing some Ethernet cabling work between our new fiber box in the basement and my router on the ground floor. The box is not activated yet though so I am still on my old ADSL line. I was going to use my old modem/router which can work as a router only but in the end I went for a more adapted router, the Netgear Nighthawk, which has a better processor and more powerful WiFi so I can get full coverage in the entire house.

Well, now I am just waiting for it to become 3 o’clock so that I can start to make noise again in the garden. There is still a lot of the old prune tree that needs to be shredded.

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