Put plants in our new flower bed and first lawnmowing this year

Spring plantation in the new flower bedAfter the setback we had recently with the weather (I had to scrape the windows of my car most mornings last week) we seem to be back on track for spring. Today the weather have been excellent, at least considering the time of year, and we spent a good chunk of our time in the garden.

Well actually, I started the day by spending a good chunk of it in the car. The first thing I did in the morning was load up some of the remaining garden trash from the prune tree, the stuff that was to big to go on the compost and to flimsy to go in the shredder, and set out for the recycling center. When I got there it was closed for renovation. The next recycling center is in Peron which a good way towards Bellegarde but I really did not want to unload the car again so after a few rude words I set course to Peron. Must have been the first time ever I took the “Autoroute” with a car full of trash.

Anyway, after me and my garden trash had done our sightseeing as well as a short stop at Botanic (without the trash) to get some dog food it was planting time. Bodil had already got the plants yesterday since they had a big sale. The afternoon was spent on the first lawn mowing for the year. I cannot say that mowing the lawn is one of my favorite pastimes but the first one is always somewhat enjoyable since then it means the real start of the nice and warm season of the year.

And just to make sure that we stay warm and cozy I’m going to make a nice hot chili tonight :-).

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