Visit at Salon Nature & Vie in Gex and Chinese/Thai lunch

The kids bying semi-precious stones at "Salon Nature & Vie" in GMost of the food fairs in this region take place during the autumn when the new wines are traditionally about to be bottled. The one main exception would be the one in Gex which used to be called just Gexpo but have, since a few years, been re-styled and renamed to Salon Nature & Vie. I have written this before but it deserves to be restated, I am really miffed by the fact that some dumbass politician decided to try to by some cheap votes by jumping on this green nonsense and force all the exhibitors to have some silly “bio-certification” in order to be allowed to enter. As a consequence our favorite vendor who sold real German “Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut” and German Beer have been forced out. Instead we got a load of stupid junk like the fitness crap that you can see in the background of the photo.

It is still a worthwhile place to go to, mostly because a lot of our favorite vendors are still there due to the simple fact that they do, and have always done, manufacture their products in the “traditional way” which just happens to be “bio-certified”. Unfortunately, if the EC idiots in Brussels get their way with their ever-increasing big-brother attitude, laws and regulations, I do not think many of these small vendors will survive much longer. Anyway, we got our  pates, locally produced wine, some chocolates, date juice (yes you can make juice out of dates, with enough lime in it is quite good), an excellent cheese with fennel seeds in it and some other nice stuff.

Those "tools" are actually chocolateThere was one guy that made some rather impressive stuff with chocolate as you can see from the photo to the right. We did not buy anything from him since we felt that, although nice to look at, it was not really something you would want to eat really.

Afterwards we went to a Chinese/Thai restaurant in Ferney Voltaire (on request from Cassandra) and had a nice lunch.

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