Back from our spring holiday in Germany & Sweden

2014 Spring HolidayYesterday we came back from our spring holiday in Germany and Sweden. Well the holiday was officially in Sweden but we took our good time to drive through Germany so we spent as much time there as in Sweden although a lot of the time in Germany was spent in the car of course.

Sweden is cold! We had brought clothes for cold weather but it was still a lot colder than I expected. The fact that it was very windy did not help of course. Still we had quite a nice time both in Sweden and Germany.

I snapped 435 photos during the trip. 41 of them was with my phone and the rest with my SLR. The ones I took with my phone was mostly just for memory, fun or because I did not have the SLR with me just then and the quality is what you can expect from a phone (even a good one) which is rather lousy.

Anyway, I have uploaded about a hundred of them to my Spring Holiday 2014 photo album on Flickr. A lot of them are really family photos of course. There are a few nice landscape and village photos that I might organize in a dedicated album later though.

I have put back the “My Latest Photos on Flickr” widget in the right widget area. I removed it since when I first tried it, it looked like crap in the theme I am using now. It looks like it have been improved somewhat now so I put it back again.

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