Lovely garden weather…finally.

A few random shots from our garden mid-May 2014Finally the horribly windy and stormy weather that we have been forced to endure for the last week have given way for some nice calm and sunny weather this Sunday. Even though it was still quite windy yesterday I simply had to get some gardening done (at least it was not raining yesterday) so in the afternoon I did some bush-trimming, lawn mowing and brought out the Kärcher on the terrace. The morning was busy with taking the kids to Val Thoiry to do some birthday present shopping for Bodil’s upcoming birthday. Afterwards we had lunch at that Chinese/Thai buffet restaurant that kids like so much. It is decent enough food but I am still not too thrilled with buffet restaurants (except ones that serves Swedish Smörgåsbord of course). Still, the kids like it and Timothy never got to pick a restaurant for his birthday so we let him choose.

Today we had to go to Botanic in the morning to pick up some more dog food and Bodil wanted to buy some plants for the flower pots on the terrace and the entrance. After spending a bit more trimming stuff in the garden I grabbed the camera and took a few garden photos which I uploaded to my Flickr photostream.

Now we are going to have a nice lunch at the terrace. Melon and ham for me and Bodil. The kids have not yet acquired a taste for melon so they will get something else.

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