And here we go again…another screw-up by CanalSat

CanalSatI have been ranting about how crappy CanalSat is before. Well, now it is time again. You might wonder why I keep using this crappy service when it is so bad. France is a very protectionist country and since they, unlike for instance Sweden, do not just fold every time the EC bureaucrats fart in their direction they get away with it. Thus there are really no good alternatives around. Even if you choose to use TV over Internet via your IP then it is effectively CanalSat that you get. Generally I do like when someone gives the EC bureaucrats the finger but this time it is unfortunate. Abolishing this protectionist crap is one of the few good things I was hoping would come out of EC.

Anyway, the CanalSat plonkers decided to make yet another update of their crappy +Le Cube sat box as well as reshuffling the channels. As usual they screwed it up. After a while a news came out saying that you might find some channels giving you a black screen and that you had to do a manual operation on the box to get them back. This was channels that had not been reshuffled and should not have been affected. Worse, this was channels that we had set to record during our holiday in Sweden. Naturally their crap-box did not indicate that anything was wrong so the other day, when JJ and I sat down to watch the next episodes of Grimm we found that  we had recorded an hour of black screen. Of course this was when there were no longer any reruns available on CanalSat so we could not program another emission.

Thanks a lot CanaFuck!

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