And here we go with another birthday again

IMG-20140530-0783As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday was Bodil’s birthday. Even though I myself had the day off the kids had school so it was pretty much like an ordinary day for Bodil. She had been persuaded to drive one of the other girls at school as well since the taxi-driver that normally drove her also wanted to have yesterday off.

JJ had to be driven to the bus really early as well so we had to rush the birthday presents opening that we always do in the morning. I do not think that we have done it as early as 5:30 before.

IMG-20140530-0780As usual Bodil had made a birthday cake and I prepared a Birthday dinner in the evening. We had just harvested the elderberry flowers in the garden so the cake based on a elderberry flavored mousse with fresh strawberries on top. For dinner Bodil had selected a tuna recipe with tuna marinated in coriander, lime, garlic and olive oil then served on a salad with small new potatoes and pecan nuts. It was really quite good.

One thought on “And here we go with another birthday again

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